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Faculty Women’s Club

Welcome to our 2018-19  Faculty Women’s Club (FWC) Centennial Year. We are proud of the FWC’s programmatic focus on education, social interactions, and philanthropy, and know that these three pillars of service will remain keys to our success going forward.

Our Centennial goals are to “honor the past, enhance the present, and revitalize the future.” Therefore, during this Centennial Year, we will incorporate these goals into our three pillars with programs and speakers of the highest quality and with activities that will appeal to our many members.

Our General Meetings embrace our educational focus, and this year we know that our choices of speakers will bring topics and issues forward that will impact us with new ideas and broaden our horizons.

While our overall mission, as stated above, is education, social interaction,and philanthropy, you could say our many varied Sections focus on our more personal activities such as “eat, play, listen, and learn.”