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UCLA ONE: Access to this vibrant, interactive, professional online gateway is yours to claim for being a member of the UCLA family. The ONE stands for Opportunity, Networking and Experience. Join now to tap into your global UCLA community for career advice, job leads and access to exclusive resources and connections.

Sign up to be a Transfer mentor!

You can sign up to be a Transfer mentor on UCLA ONE! Being a mentor is a great way to give back and strengthen the transfer community at UCLA. Mentors play an important role in helping transfer students adjust to UCLA, fostering resilience in students and promoting their academic and professional development.

To sign up, go to your profile and under the Willing to Help section, check "Willing to become a mentor." Then under the My UCLA Profile section, select Transfer from the "Communities" drop-down list. After you have signed up, you will receive information about opportunities to engage with transfer students and will be recognized for your participation as a mentor. If you have any questions about how to sign up, please contact UCLA ONE support.

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