UCLA Pacific Islander Alumni Association

Dearest Alumni and Allies,

As we all know, very few Pacific Islanders have attended UCLA. While low college admission and retention rates for Pacific Islanders are some of the various issues within our community, we are both blessed and fortunate to have graduated from or worked at UCLA, and we have had great opportunities afforded to us as a result.

Over the past few months, several UCLA alumni have begun the process of establishing a UCLA Pacific Islander Alumni Association. We strongly feel that an association is essential for past and future alumni. We greatly admire the hard work, compassion, ambition, passion, diligence, talents/skills, brilliance and accomplishments within the professional and personal lives of our Pacific Islander alumni. During our years at UCLA, we were all blessed and fortunate to have supporters, including UCLA faculty, staff and members of other organizations.

We, the board, are committed to ensuring everyone feels connected, regardless of distance or prior affiliation with PISA. We also want to ensure that the Association is inclusive of all Pacific Islander alumni, as well as those who have supported our community.

We wish you the best and hope that you will join us in creating a stronger Pacific Islander community.


UCLA Alumni Association Board


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