Undocumented Alumni Association of UCLA

Established in 2017, the Undocumented Alumni Association of UCLA was started by alumni interested in supporting the undocumented community beyond UCLA.


The mission of the Undocumented Alumni Association (UAA) of UCLA is to support and advocate for ALL undocumented/immigrant alumni, students, and the broader undocumented/immigrant community and to foster an environment of support, respect, community, and inclusivity for the undocumented community. We are reclaiming our humanity.

Name & Logo

The compass holds meaning of guidance for travelers traversing the stormy seas on their way home from a long journey. The UAA’s f/mentorship is illustrated in the compass’ ability to guide people in different directions. This also symbolizes the resiliency that exist in our community overcoming difficult times, and guidance in navigating rough terrains through the f/mentorship of others. The pointing in different directions encompasses immigrant communities from all parts of the world. Folks made the observation that it resembles the Filipino sun. This resemblance was unintentional, but it connects the idea that immigration is global and our undocumented community is incredibly diverse and further reflects the mission and values of UAA to be inclusive of the greater undocumented community. The compass, however, is not a common symbol used within the immigrant rights movement. But the meaning can be a powerful and inclusive symbol for the immigrant community. The compass logo has two color versions: The gold center with blue outer directions (top) and the blue center with gold outer directions (bottom). NOTE: the blue center with gold outer directions (bottom) was added to better reflect/represent UCLA.

For more information and ways to get involved, please email undocumented@alumni.ucla.edu.

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