Identity-Based Graduations

Congratulations to the UCLA Class of 2020!

Graduation is the official milestone that transitions our students to their alumni identity. Many of our diversity alumni groups create and carry special rituals such as pinnings and blanketing to welcome our newest alumni. See highlights of the our past Bruin identity-based graduations below.

African-American Studies Graduation

The African American Studies Graduation celebrated the successful degree completion of over 60 Bruins who pursued a major in African American Studies. Keynote speaker and UCLA Alum, Kamil Oshundara '18 conducted research on art for revolution by Black woman of the Black Panther Party, and Black Speculative Arts with a focus on Black Horror and the mobilization of fear, fantasy and futurism in genre to explore the material realities of oppression and resistance for Black women.

American Indian Studies Graduation

The American Indian Studies Graduation is an annual celebration of the accomplishments of the American Indian community and students who pursued degrees in American Indian Studies at UCLA. In addition to celebrating students' academic accomplishments, individuals are recognized for the impact and work they have contributed to the community through their community service efforts. At this ceremony, each family participates in the act of "Blanketing" their graduate as a symbolic way to represent wrapping their students in the hopes, warmth, love and support that surrounds them.

Improving Dreams Equality Access and Success (IDEAS) at UCLA Graduation

The IDEAS Graduation is special gathering that honors the academic achievements of the UndocuBruin family. Both graduates and their families are honored at the ceremony where each graduate is able to share with everyone their thoughts about their undergraduate experiences as well as their hopes for post-graduation.

Lavender Graduation

Lavender Graduation is an annual ceremony conducted on numerous campuses to honor lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students and to acknowledge their achievements and contributions to their universities. This year, UCLA Alumni Association Board Member, Eric Shaw '98, spoke as the keynote speaker to welcome the class of 2019!

Pacific Islands' Student Association (PISA) Graduation

Organized entirely by the Pacific Islands' Student Association, PISA Graduation celebrates each of the graduates that have been integral to the uplifting and advocacy of the Pacific Islands' community at UCLA. Each year, PISA invites the families and friends of all students graduating at UCLA from the Pacific Islands' community as well as those who have been strong allies to celebrate this academic milestone.

RAZA Graduation


Established since 1973, RAZA Graduation provides a culturally empowering ceremony including English and Spanish speakers and performances representing historical traditions from various parts of the Americas. RAZA Graduation is a student-initiated and student-run graduation ceremony that celebrates and honors the hard work of Chicanx and Latinx graduating students, their families, and their communities.

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