Graduation Well Wishes From UCLA Alumni


lumni were invited to submit well wishes to the graduating class of 2024 and share some pearls of wisdom for the benefit of these new grads. These were some of the responses. 

“This is only the beginning – everything you have learned and loved at UCLA will be with you every step of the way. Exciting things are to come. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished and are yet to. Go Bruins!”

- Lizzy Tsuang ʼ21

“Congratulations Class of 2024! Your sacrifice and dedication has led you to this wonderful moment of possibilities. I will share with you some helpful advice that I received which is to stay connected by maintaining a network of peers and mentors who will be there to help you navigate your next path. Enjoy the journey!”

- Sandra Matthews-Sims ʼ91

“Stay in touch with your UCLA friends as you go through life - it’s so much fun to see what direction everyone goes in. I’m going to the 70th birthday party of a friend of mine from UCLA in the late 1970s! Also, cherish those friendships made in your formative years!”

- Karen Letendre ʼ76

“Congrats, grad! You persevered through challenges that have come your way, both personally and globally, so take time to acknowledge this. Your life will undergo so many more changes, so embrace them and the lessons they will teach you. Believe in your powers - your intelligence, your kindness, your curiosity - and be bold. Don't compare your journey to others because it's YOUR journey. You've got this!”

- Brianna Lopez ʼ14

“You will find your path. Be patient with yourself. You are enough and right where you need to be.”

- Lauren Yang ʼ13

“Cherish your relationships in everything you do and take nothing for granted. Life is truly a fast and unpredictable adventure that will delight and humble you. So enjoy the ride, weather the storms, create your story and keep on living!”

- Gil Hoftman ʼ05

“Thank you all for your efforts to transverse this challenge and improve yourself amongst the best in the world. Let others learn and be inspired through your actions. We can't wait to see.”

- Alan Achterberg ʼ89

“Never stop learning new things. It is a lifelong process. Find your passion. Be kind!”

- Bridget D’Aguilar ʼ03

“Soak in every moment of this great accomplishment, then get ready for the next great adventure! And always remember to stay connected to UCLA.”

- Todd Sargent ʼ96

“Dr. Seuss said it best: 'Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.' Live each day being fully present, and with awareness and gratitude. You are a Bruin, so you are destined for great things!”

- Maureen Leavitt ʼ98

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