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A Cappella 

Awaken A Cappella

Established in 1992, Awaken is Southern California’s oldest co-ed collegiate a cappella group. Past members include Sara Bareilles, actress Nicolette Robinson (recently wed to Broadway’s Leslie Odom Jr.), and members of the award-winning group ARORA. We have released six studio albums and perform regularly at events along the west coast. Awaken’s 25th Anniversary EP is scheduled to be released this spring.

Awaken A Cappella

Bruin Harmony

Bruin Harmony is UCLA’s premier and only all-male a cappella group. Founded in 2006, Bruin Harmony continues to provide quality entertainment in humor and singing and looks forward to bringing the joys of all-male a cappella in the future.

Bruin Harmony

Naya Zamaana

Naya Zamaana, UCLA’s official South Asian a cappella team, was created in 2006 to celebrate the diversity of talent prevalent among Indian American youth today. Our singers come from a variety of musical backgrounds and are trained in western, Carnatic, Hindustani and many other forms of music, exemplifying a distinct mix of American and Indian culture. We hope to bring these sounds together to create a unique voice that will usher in a new era in the world of a cappella.

Naya Zamaana


The ScatterTones are a co-ed a cappella group whose musical taste touches all genres and decades. We have performed for President Obama, accompanied Taylor Swift and rocked the ICCA Finals. They are thrilled to be returning to the Spring Sing stage, and can’t wait to see you at the show.


Cole Heramb and The Flame Train

Cole is an artist and the conductor of live band The Flame Train. They deliver electrifying, textured sounds featuring blues and jazz style guitar riffs on an energetic rocking musical body. Their music is fueled by a dazed romantic’s lyrics of love, darkness, change and beyond.

Cole Heramb


JADED is an indie R&B band and–unlike their name–are actually psyched to be performing their lead singer’s first original song in Spring Sing 2018! Influenced by artists including Lianne La Havas and James Blake, we hope that our music will be both emotionally engaging and a bop.

JADED band


ACA Hip Hop

ACA Hip Hop is a competitive dance team based at UCLA that is comprised of dancers who share a love for all styles of dance and performance. We are a family that values and encourages dedication, teamwork and growth. With all the late nights dancing in parking lots while balancing jobs, extracurriculars and rigorous academics, our dancers achieve the discipline and work ethic that will make them influential leaders in the community. The skills we learn and the strong friendships we make contribute to how ACA Hip Hop has become a supportive network that goes beyond just the dancing. With this foundation in our professionalism and love for each other, we hope to inspire and be inspired as we continue to strengthen our presence in the dance community.

ACA Hip Hop

UCLA Nashaa

Now in their 18th year as UCLA’s official Bollywood and Hindi-film dance team, award-winning Nashaa strives to bring an important part of South Asian culture to the stage. They are inspired by the role of dance as an integral, unifying aspect of their heritage. To them, it is a symbol of unity in diversity. They hope to bring this sense of community to the stage for the audience to experience as well and that their dance resonates with each viewer and goes beyond the theater doors. By channeling this energy through their dancers, they strive to help the audience experience the essence of Indian culture and feel that they are now unified in the same way as their team.

UCLA Nashaa


Austin Gatus and Ryan Glatt

Austin is a third year singer-songwriter-saxophonist from San Diego. An ethnomusicology jazz major, he produces music that blends the styles of pop and neo-soul with jazz. Ryan is a third year from Berkeley. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, producer/arranger, and songwriter.
They met freshman year at the Herb Alpert School of Music and have performed together at several venues ranging from Los Angeles to Seattle.

Austin Gatus and Ryan Glatt

Hayden Everett and Caroline Pernick

Hayden and Caroline are two humans who enjoy making sounds we hope help other people experience life more rawly and fully. Hayden draws songwriting influence from folks like Stevie Wonder, Kevin Garrett, Ben Howard, The Oh Hellos and Bon Iver. They hope that the music they make is of use to you. 🙂

Hayden Hunt and Caroline Pernick

Foluke Oduntan

The first song Foluke ever wrote was about her passion for music. Though she was only 12 years old, she knew that music would be an integral part of her life. As she matured, it turned into more than just a hobby and became a form of therapy that She has never fully understood but always knew she needed. She grew up singing in the church choir on a weekly basis. During this time, she became very familiar with the spiritual impact that music can have on people. She then formed a new passion to not only sing, but actually help others using my music. She hopes that one day she’ll be able to use music to positively impact millions of people.

Foluke Oduntan

El and Dave

El and Dave met last year in Road to Damascus, UCLA’s only Christian a cappella group, and quickly started jamming together. Now seniors, they decided to take a risk by auditioning for Spring Sing. They feel super honored and excited to perform on the big stage!


Emily James

Emily is a singer/songwriter and first-year student. Originally from New York, she spent two years living in Nashville where she recorded my self-titled E.P., “Emily James”, released in August 2016. In the early part of 2017, she began work on her debut album, “Til the Morning,” which contains 12 original songs. She recorded the album with producer Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Vance Joy) and released it on Feb. 9, 2018. She has been singing her entire life and began writing songs when she was 10 years old. Her musical influences include Adele, John Mayer, Bob Dylan and Fleetwood Mac.


Sanjana is a singer-songwriter pursuing a career in music in Los Angeles. She has been singing since she was a toddler and began training in Indian classical music at the age of eight. As she grew up, she began to utilize her classical techniques to sing pop, R&B and contemporary music. Currently, she is writing and recording original music to release in the near future!

Sofie Sheldon

Sofie is a second year world arts and cultures major and singer/songwriter from California via Connecticut. When not tuning in to jazz beats, she can be found strumming my ukulele all over campus. My UCLA Sex Squad class was the inspiration for my song, “Mama Says.” She hopes her message about catcalling will empower women to speak up and encourage dialogue on sexual harassment.