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For a century, The Daily Bruin has served as the paper of record of Westwood, and the essential training ground for UCLA students interested in the practice of journalism and careers in the media at large.  Generation after generation, The Bruin has produced journalists and media professionals of distinction from our newsroom in Kerckhoff Hall.

The alumni of The Daily Bruin treasure this unique enterprise. Thanks to The Bruin, we all made friends for life, gained valuable skills and shared a very special set of experiences that we all can relate to.  We deeply believe in The Bruin, its mission and the opportunities that being a part of this institution can unlock.

In that spirit, we have launched The Daily Bruin Scholarship. It is our way of giving back to The Bruin, by rewarding current and future generations of Daily Bruin staff members who have shown dedication to The Bruin and wish to pursue a career in journalism, media and related fields upon graduation.  We hope to nurture the promise you are showing as you begin another year at The Bruin.

We thank you for your interest, and strongly encourage you to apply.

The Board of Directors,



How much will the scholarship awards be? And how many will be awarded?

We will award seven (7) merit-based scholarships of $2,500 each for the 2023-24 academic year.

Who may apply?

UCLA students in good academic standing who are and will be current Daily Bruin staff members (contributor, staff, or editor/senior staff) of The Daily Bruin in 2023-24 academic year.

On what criteria will award winners be chosen?

The UCLA Financial Aid & Scholarships office (FA&S) will review the applications and select the winners of the DB Scholarship awards, applying guidelines developed with the DBAN board. The FA&S will evaluate scholarship applications based on their merit with an eye toward students who have demonstrated journalistic promise and seek a future career in journalism, media or a related field. We will rely heavily on the work samples that applicants submit — stories, photos, videos, graphics, use of social media, etc. — in making our assessments.

How do I apply for the Scholarship?

Please apply via UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships Registered Student Application, beginning on Saturday, March 18, 2023: https://ucla.academicworks.com/users/sign_in

Please indicate your participation in the Daily Bruin and in the personal statement portion demonstrate your dedication to journalistic promise and any future career aspirations in journalism, media or a related field. In addition, applicants are encouraged to submit supplemental materials – stories, photos, videos, graphics, use of social media, etc. – along with their application.

When is it due?

May 5, 2023.

What happens if I win?

Beginning with the Fall Quarter, the FA&S shall distribute the awards to the recipients quarterly, provided that the recipients continue to serve on the staff of the Daily Bruin.  Students’ eligibility will be evaluated quarterly based on their involvement with the Daily Bruin. If students are no longer involved with the Daily Bruin, they will no longer be eligible for the DBAN Scholarship.

You’ll be formally recognized at the Daily Bruin Alumni Network’s centennial reunion, which is scheduled for October 2023. It is expected that you will attend this event, as well as to meet with alumni and scholarship donors. You’ll also be asked to provide periodic updates on your professional development, and a testimonial about how the the scholarship helped you. The DB Scholars will also receive one-on-one alumni mentoring through the DBAN Mentoring & Professional Development Committee’s pilot program during the academic year.

For More Information

If you have any questions about the fund distribution, awarding, or more logistics, please contact UCLA Financial Aid & Scholarships online or by phone at 310-206-0400.

The Lorrie Ross Memorial Scholarship

The Lorrie Ross Memorial Scholarship was established in 1971 by Mr. N. Joseph Ross, in memory of his daughter-in-law, Lorrie Ross, to support scholarships for students with financial need. In 2017, inspired by his and his family’s passion for journalistic integrity, the scholarship was amended by N. Joseph Ross’s son to support student journalists working on the Daily Bruin. If you have any questions about the fund distribution, awarding, or more logistics, please contact UCLA Financial Aid & Scholarships online or by phone at 310-206-0400.

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