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Alumni in the News

Since 1919, the Daily Bruin has served as a training ground for generations of student journalists and launched the careers of many successful alumni. How many of these Daily Bruin alumni do you recognize?

Former Daily Bruin EIC Anthony Pesce helps L.A. Times Guild reach tentative  agreement with newspaper.  To read the article, click here.

Listen: National Geographic Chief Gary Knell on Disney Future, Fox’s Legacy:

Gary Knell


The 49ers lawyer-in-chief, Hannah Gordon ’03, on work, women and Joe Staley:

This Man Was Chosen to Represent the Class of 1968. Here’s What He Thinks His Generation Achieved:

True Believer:  A profile of Frank Spotnitz ‘82, UCLA Magazine:

From Kerckhoff to the Washington Post: An Evening with Matea Gold ‘95:

Daily Bruin Alumnus Rob Salonga ’04, member of Pulitzer Prize-winning staff for journalism:

Art Spander ’60, still going strong at NBA Finals 2018