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Daily Bruin Alumni Network Newsletter – Summer 2019

Robina Riccitiello, second from right, with Daily Bruin friends during her college years.

From the moment I covered my first story at the Bruin – nursing students protesting UCLA’s plans to scrap the Baccalaureate program – I was hooked. I loved the energy in the newsroom, the nerd-hip vibe and the chance to report for a thriving daily newspaper.

Recently, I’ve gotten the chance to reconnect with other Daily Bruin alums and we all agree that our love for UCLA channels straight through Kerckhoff Hall and our time spent at the Daily Bruin. Visiting the DB offices during Alumni Day in May, I found Bruin staffers from the ’60s and ’70s and met current students who scramble to publish daily. (The Daily Bruin is one of the few college papers that still has a print version five days a week.) I grabbed a bound copy off the shelf and opened it right up to one of my articles covering an activist group’s fight to shut down UCLA’s research reactor in Boelter Hall. That technical reporting helped me later when I covered the space industry in Europe for Space News.

I hope you’ll make the pilgrimage back to campus for the Daily Bruin reunion Oct. 12. We’ll toast to all the stories we nailed, the deans we infuriated and the feel of a crisp Daily Bruin in your hands before the start of class. And I hope we’ll be able to celebrate reaching our $20,000 goal for student scholarships and equipment. (Please click here to donate)

See you in October!

Robina Riccitiello ’84,
On behalf of the Board of The Daily Bruin Alumni Network

P.S. The nursing students won their fight and the Baccalaureate continued to be offered. And UCLA eventually shut down its little nuclear reactor. I know you were wondering.

Alumni Making the News

Daily Bruin contributors leave UCLA and enter careers ranging from law and medicine to entertainment and business. But many of us also stay in media. Follow our Twitter list of Daily Bruin alumni to keep reading and watching news from DBAN members (and let board member Sara Randazzo know who we’re missing at Here are a few recent highlights from DBAN journalists:

Daniel Miller ’05
Staff Writer, L.A. Times

Daniel just launched the L.A. Times podcast, “Larger Than Life.” The story chronicles legendary Los Angeles street racer Big Willie Robinson, whose street diplomacy eased racial tensions and united L.A. Check it out here.

Dave McNary ’74
Reporter, Variety

Dave is our newest DBAN board member and a longtime entertainment industry reporter at Variety. He has spent the spring and summer trying to simplify for readers the complex dispute between the Writers Guild of America and the major Hollywood agencies. Click here to read Dave’s work.

Neil Bedi ’15
Investigative Reporter, Tampa Bay Times

Neil and colleagues at the Tampa Bay Times have dug into a troubling slew of deaths and poor care in the heart unit at Florida’s Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. His initial coverage and stories on the continued fallout can be found here.

Give Back

As the Daily Bruin celebrates its 100th year of publication, DBAN has set an alumni fundraising target of $20,000 to fund student scholarships and needed newsroom equipment. Nearly $13,000 has been raised so far thanks to the generosity of 68 donors. Here’s why two of our alumni decided to donate:

Sarah Wagner Rayburn

Design Director, 2002-03

“I made lifelong friends and met my husband working at the Daily Bruin. I am happy to support the Daily Bruin to help students have the same experience I did. Good reporting has never been so important, and I hope our support will help more students pursue careers in journalism.”


Kelly Rayburn

Editor in Chief, 2003-2004

“My major at UCLA was officially history, but really it was the Daily Bruin. I spent hour after hour honing research, writing and editing skills that helped me early in my career as a journalist and later as an attorney. For my money, the Daily Bruin is as good a place as any to learn journalism, and I’m happy to support it however I can.”


Please consider contributing to the DBAN Centennial Campaign using the button below. Then, help us spread the word on social media by sharing the Daily Bruin Support Fund link — and using the hashtag #DB100. Use any platform to share stories about your Daily Bruin experience, talk about how the Daily Bruin contributed to your professional success and encourage others to donate to the DBAN Centennial Campaign. Donate.

Thank you for your continued support of student journalism at the Daily Bruin and commitment to UCLA.

Latest Events

The Daily Bruin helped kick off UCLA’s Centennial Celebration at Alumni Day with a special forum featuring former Daily Bruin editor-in-chief Matea Gold ’96 (Washington Post) and UCLA professor of public policy Mark Peterson.

The two discussed the current political divide and the 2020 presidential race to an audience of about 100 people. Afterward, alumni joined student staffers in Kerckhoff 118 for the Daily Bruin open house to network, looked through the Bruin’s archives and learned more about DBAN projects. Check out photos from these Alumni Day events below.















Daily Bruin History

The Daily Bruin has come a long way from its days of bitter battles with the student government that controlled it. Read up on the 100-year history of UCLA’s paper of record in this article by Abhishek Shetty ’19.

Save the Date – Daily Bruin Reunion on Oct. 12

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Daily Bruin Alumni Network Newsletter – Spring 2019

Dear Fellow Daily Bruin Alumni,

I know that, like me, you believe deeply believe in The Bruin, its mission and the opportunities that being a part of this institution can unlock.

Still, these are challenging times for journalism and the media — professional newsrooms have shrunk and local media outlets have disappeared as the industry adjusts to disruption. In recent years, as other college newspapers have cut publication schedules and gone online-only, The Bruin has endured its own financial struggles. It’s had to politic for student fee referendums and scrap for other resources to continue printing daily, replace basic equipment and keep the lights on in Kerckhoff. Meanwhile, the travel budget for stories and conventions is a sliver of what it used to be, and editor stipends still aren’t enough to live on.

In this era of unprecedented attacks on the free press, we think it is more important than ever to support student journalism and its practitioners, especially at the Daily Bruin. In that spirit, we have launched several initiatives aimed at ensuring The Bruin thrives for another century:

  •  A short-term fundraising campaign starting today that aims to raise $10,000 for student scholarships and $10,000 to pay for basic equipment that students say they desperately need.
  • A longer-term effort aimed at raising the $100,000 necessary to open an endowment that can generate funds for The Bruin for years to come.

We’ve done all the work necessary to set up the funds with UCLA. But now we need your help.
Please consider donating to The Daily Bruin Alumni Network Scholarship — then, tell your other DB friends about it on social media with the hashtag #DB100. We’ll be hosting an event on campus May 18, Alumni Day. If we can meet our $20,000 fundraising goal, we’ll present four promising Bruin staff members with our annual scholarships at our reunion in October, and present The Bruin with a check for $10,000 for equipment.

Please join us and give today.

Matt Stevens ’11,
On behalf of the Board of The Daily Bruin Alumni Network

How Your Donations Help…

The Daily Bruin means a lot to its alumni — and they generously give back. Since fiscal-year 2015, UCLA records show that about 200 alums have given more than $70,000 to support The Bruin. Here are just a few of the dozens items that money has already purchased:

  • A Canon video camera, tripods, lenses and batteries and a Sony wireless mic
  • A radio microphone and recorder
  • A Nikon photography camera, lighting kit and bag, several memory cards and flash drives
  • External hard drives, keyboard, computer mice and Chromebooks
  • TV adapters, stands and HDMI cords
  • One (very spiffy) metal print “Daily Bruin” sign for the newsroom

“The new camera gear will help The Bruin take its photography to a whole new level. I found it incredibly useful to capture the gymnastics team winning the 2019 Pac-12 title in Utah.”

— Amy Dixon, 2018-19 Daily Bruin Photo Editor

What the Daily Bruin Means to Me

Alice Short, 1974-77
Deputy Column One editor, The Los Angeles Times

“I got to have one of the coolest jobs–editor of the Daily Bruin– in college journalism. I suspect that’s where I learned about collaboration, collegiality,  leadership and the pursuit of stories that mattered. As a senior at UCLA,  I abandoned long-held plans to go to law school and have happily spent the last 40 years working with kick-ass journalists on kick-ass stories.”

Eric Warren, 1981-86
President, Everest Sciences

“I learned much about how journalism is practiced, and how a newsroom works. Although I eventually ended up working in a marketing career and now as president of a company supplying the energy industry, my time at The Bruin taught me about the value of research, the importance of collaboration and why the written word has, is, and always will be essential to our society.”

Maya Sugarman, Photo, 2007-2011
Video Editor, The Washington Post

“At The Daily Bruin, we had to work together as learners and mentors. It taught me to be collaborative and scrappy – skills I’ve used on the job every day since graduating. It gave me the opportunity to report abroad, travel the country and build lifelong friendships.”

Daily Bruin Forum and Open House on Alumni Day, May 18

Daily Bruin Forum: Noon – 1 p.m.
Moore Hall, Room 100

Daily Bruin Open House: 4 – 6 p.m.
Kerckhoff Hall, Room 118

We are pleased to announce the Daily Bruin Alumni Network’s participation in the the official kick-off of the UCLA Centennial.

Join us from noon to 1 p.m. for “Trump, 2020 and the Political Divide,” featuring Matea Gold, ’96, editor of political and investigative reporting at The Washington Post, and UCLA professor of public policy Mark Peterson . They will explore the major political divides that have opened up in the third year of the Trump administration and how the 2020 presidential campaigns are taking shape.

Then, come back to the DB Newsroom at Kerckhoff from 4 to 6 p.m., for the Daily Bruin Alumni Open House, to meet student staffers and DBAN board members.

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Daily Bruin Alumni Network Newsletter

Highlights- Winter 2019

Feature Stories

For 100 years, the Daily Bruin students who passed through the doors of Kerckhoff Hall have gone on to leave their mark in journalism, entertainment, business and more. Read about 16 impressive alumni from through the decades, including actress Carol Burnett ’54, ESPN anchor Cari Champion ’98 and National Geographic CEO Gary Knell ’75.

Six alumni, plus one current student and the student media director have volunteered to serve on the inaugural DBAN board.

Looking for a way to make a meaningful contribution? Volunteer to critique the Daily Bruin! We’re looking for bullet points, not novellas, so it won’t take too much of your time. The students are devouring the critiques they’ve received so far.

Like newspapers all across the country, these are challenging financial times for the Daily Bruin. DBAN is raising $20,000 for urgently-needed equipment and scholarships. We’re also working toward a $100,000 alumni endowment. Learn how you can give.




Oct. 12 — DBAN’s Centennial Reunion is coming! If you would like to help us host The Bruins’ 100th birthday celebration, please contact Tanner Walters ’18 and Robina Riccitiello ’84 and join the #DB100 team!


Send us your news! Have recent work or personal success to brag about? Email Sara Randazzo to be included in future newsletters.

Add the Daily Bruin to your LinkedIn so current staffers can find you.

Read Memorable Daily Bruin Stories From the Past Year

Protests held in Westwood, across the country after Sessions’ resignation

Fraternities affected by alcohol ban will hold responsibility for its enforcement

From the Road to Royce

Propelled by run game, Bruins snatch Victory Bell back from Trojans with 34-27 win

State of the Bruin, From Editor-in-Chief Jacob Preal

The total readership of the Daily Bruin from the 2017-2018 school year amounts to about 1.6 million readers – a vast majority of them directed from our social media platforms. Because of the move to mobile and online, The Bruin currently prints 33,000 copies weekly, compared to just over 100,000 copies in the 1980s.

One main reason print and other aspects of The Bruin – particularly office space and editor stipends – have taken a hit is because we simply don’t have the revenues that we had back in the heyday of print journalism. Many of you probably remember reprinting particularly popular copies of The Bruin and creating special editions to engage with your readership. Today, such a prospect simply can no longer be the case.

I am lucky to head this ship at a time when we have relative stability, financially. Other editors have had to face more serious problems in the past, but their hard work and impeccable decision-making has led to a more comfortable existence for us. All of you have worked hard over the past century to create an institution that really is the crown jewel of UCLA’s campus. My hope is that the current editorial team, and those associated with the next 100 years, will continue to make you proud.

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