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First Gen Alumni Network Scholarship Fund

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One in three students who enter UCLA identify as First-Gen. First-generation students are resilient and strive for success; however, they face various challenges along the way. Affording the increasing cost of higher education is just one of these challenges, but is something that can be supported through the generosity of first-generation alumni and advocates.

UCLA is currently the only UC campus to have established a First Gen Alumni Network (FGAN), and the FGAN board wants to fulfill its mission to provide support to students through scholarships and advocate for the needs of all first-gen students at UCLA. Through this scholarship fund, our goal is to help students graduate from UCLA on-time and have the financial freedom to take full advantage of the extracurricular activities, resources, and traditions that UCLA has to offer. By building this scholarship fund, we will help students make history for their families and themselves. With our goal being to create an endowed fund, you can participate in this effort by donating here.

Mia and Vincent Castillo Scholarship

In an example of First Gen Bruins giving back to their community, Ana Esquivel (pictured above), Treasurer for the inaugural board of the UCLA First Gen Alumni Network, the only such network in the entire UC system, has established the Mia and Vincent Castillo Scholarship named in honor of her niece and nephew and to be awarded to First Gen students with financial need in the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. The scholarship will help defray the costs of books and other essential student needs. For those interested in supporting this effort, you can make a donation here. With questions about the scholarship, please contact

The First Gen Alumni Network board is giving back to help support UCLA Health providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Treasurer Ana Esquivel just made a donation of 500 Kleervu defogger spray bottles to help keep masks from fogging up.

Thanks to Ana and everyone in our First Gen community for helping others during this unprecedented time. Take care and stay safe!

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