Give to the Town & Gown Affiliates of UCLA

The Affiliates Scholarship Program, established in 1948, has grown in the amount of support it offers to students as well as in the diversity of the awards. In 2013, The Affiliates awarded over $135,000 in scholarships across a full range of disciplines, in recognition of academic excellence. The Affiliates awards the following scholarships and fellowships from endowed funds that are managed by The UCLA Foundation:

• The Affiliates Scholarships- Awarded to undergraduate Distinguished Bruin Scholars, community college transfer students, and to students throughout the entire university either as full scholarships or Adopt-a-Scholar awards.

• The Hortense Fishbaugh Memorial Scholarships - Given to promising students selected by the Affiliates Fine Arts Scholarship and Graduate Division Committees.

• The Margaret and Charles Pollak Memorial Scholarships - Presented to top graduate students in the fields of humanities, social sciences, education, social welfare, and library and information science.

• The Stevens House Scholarships- Awarded to under-represented minority undergraduates through the Financial Aid Office. Awards are made in honor of Venye Corporal and Episcopal Bishop Stevens.

• The Marjorie J. Melin Trust was gifted to us in early 2009, and a formal Quasi Endowed fund established on 6/11/2010 in the amount of $329,043. The fund was established with the objective of providing scholarships and fellowships to candidates selected by the Affiliates of UCLA Scholarship Committee for the benefit of undergraduate, graduate and transfer students.

• The Adopt-A-Scholar Program offers our members the opportunity to "adopt a scholar" for the year. The "adopting" members may both serve on the selection committee and choose the field in which the award is given. The award for the year may be named either for the donor or someone who the donor chooses to honor.

The UCLA community has a history of giving to those that need assistance and deserve recognition. Below are a few historical photos highlighting their amazing contributions to the UCLA community.

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