Career Development Month - November 2022

Professional growth is a life-long process, and your UCLA Alumni Association has tools to help you throughout your career. Each week of November features an important aspect of the career development process:

  • Reflect: Start your month with reflection and self-awareness to refine your goals.
  • Explore: Spark your curiosity and check out our content and programs to explore your options.
  • Connect: Engage your network of Bruins to help you uncover new connections and opportunities.
  • Gratitude: Gratitude is essential to having a long and meaningful career.
  • Share: Sharing your journey and insights with others can open new opportunities and pathways.

Click on an action item below to uncover a professional development resource.

Kick off National Career Development Month with active reflection questions to help you see how far you’ve come. Tackle a couple questions each day throughout the month.
Join the self-guided Job Ready program for free the month of November, and receive free workbooks and assessment questions to work through this month.
Review your résumé, cover letter, UCLA ONE profile and LinkedIn profile. What’s current, what could use changing, and what’s missing? Need a new template? Check out our Job Search Starter Kit.
Do you want to pivot or change industries? Why are you looking for a change? Consider creating a career development plan and define your goals.
Attend the Bay Area Bruins’ Financial Wellness Series today. RSVP to receive the Zoom link.
Explore the UCLA ONE Directory and send a request for an informational interview, résumé critique or mock interview. Or send a message to introduce yourself and set up a coffee chat.
The UCLA Alumni Career Engagement team has resources for all stages of your career. Explore the resources available to you on our newly designed career website.
The Bruin Success Podcast interviews alumni in a variety of fields. Get inspired by listening to one or more episodes this week.
Happy hours, hikes, holiday parties - it’s all networking and can lead to new contacts and opportunities. Attend Seattle Bruin’s Professional Networking Social today or find an event near you.
Are you over 50, but interested in exploring a new career or industry? Join us for 2nd Act: Retiring the Concept of Retirement at 4 p.m. on Zoom.
The University of California Alumni Career Network has webinars and resources for UC alumni. Explore pertinent videos from the year-long series.
Interested in moving up to the C-Suite? Read this series of Career Engineering articles to get an executive recruiter’s insights on how to get a leg up.
Interested in maximizing your LinkedIn presence? Watch this video for expert tips and tricks. For more videos, explore our On-Demand Video Library.
Comment on the pinned post in UCLA ONE asking to share more about your experiences.
Career Coaches can help you deepen your understanding of your goals. To find a vetted coach, search the UCLA Career Coaches Network.
Attend the UC Alumni Career Network: Being a Seasoned Professional in a New Workplace today. RSVP for the Zoom link.
Nervous about networking? Learn from UCLA leaders on how to hone your skills.
Attend How to Polish Your Online Personal Brand. RSVP for the Zoom link.
Your LinkedIn presence is key to a successful career. Join the UCLA Alumni LinkedIn group and introduce yourself to the group.
Your Bruin network is only as strong as you make it. Connect with your UCLA Alumni Regional, Affinity or Diversity Networks and make a plan to attend an upcoming event.
Do you work in a referral-centric industry? Grow and strengthen your Bruin network by joining Bruin Professionals. Attend chapter meetings, post on the exchange and watch your business flourish.
Comment on the UCLA ONE pinned post to express your gratitude for a Bruin who has supported you.
Rest is essential to daily and long-term success. Are you getting adequate rest? Gratitude begins with honoring your body and its need to rest.
Think of two mentors or bosses that had a positive impact on you. Consider sending them a thank you email or check in and share how you’re doing.
Identify two colleagues or friends that have been instrumental in your professional experience. Email to thank them for their impact on your life and what you’ve learned from them.
Identify two or three ways your family, spouse, partner or chosen family has given you the opportunity to achieve your career goals. Share it with them in person or in an email.
On Thanksgiving, share with a loved one some of the things you are grateful for in your career journey. What is something you learned you are capable of doing?
For Black Friday, invest in what will further your professional goals. Join a professional organization. Subscribe to a business-related publication. Buy an outfit or tool to help you look and perform your best.
On Small Business Saturday, explore the Bruin Business 100. From financial services to restaurants, see how Bruins have built their own companies. Nominate a Bruin entrepreneur.
Have advice to share? Create a post on the UCLA ONE feed and start a conversation!
You have wisdom to share from your experiences. Consider being a mentor for a UCLA student. Sign up to be a mentor.
Set some short-term and long-term, achievable career goals for yourself and share it with an accountability partner. Set up touchpoints to check in on your progress.
Apply for one or two jobs that look interesting to you. Customize your résumé with relevant experiences for that job. If you don't want to change jobs, just prepare to have an updated résumé ready to go.
If you feel comfortable, schedule a time to discuss with your manager your career plans and aspirations, and chart a course to help you reach these goals in your current role.
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