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Join Prytanean

Prytanean is a volunteer supported organization and is always looking for new members as well as members willing to serve in leadership positions, whether on the Board of Directors, Chair of a Standing Committee or helping out at an event.

If you are interested in joining Prytanean, please fill out this application.

If you are interested in completing a sponsorship recommendation for someone to join, please fill out the Sponsorship Form.

As a member of Prytaneans Alumnae Association, you are required to complete various member requirements and obligations.  Your membership status determines your level of obligation, to find out your current obligation, please  refer to the Prytanean Membership Structure.

Here’s why Prytanean leaders get involved:

Treasurer Kyrie Bass:

  • “I love to be in a position where I can make a difference and effect change. I lead the board and oversee all Prytanean activities to ensure that we are meeting our charge, work with board and greater membership on mission critical issues such as member engagement, service, and scholarship fundraising and represent Prytanean both within and outside the organization.”  

First Vice President Ellen McFadden:

  •  “Being a member of Prytanean is an honor.  I am proud to be part of an organization that helps students by providing scholarships to help them pay for their UCLA education.  I also love being a part of the Prytanean board because I have made a wonderful group of caring, dedicated, intelligent new friends.  I treasure this experience and look forward to many more years working with and for Prytanean.”

Member Sharon Rowlands:

  • I love working with the members (especially the new Provisionals) in helping them appreciate what Prytanean does for the scholars and the community at large. I love the comraderie of the amazing women on the board. I love the dedication found in planning activities for members of Prytanean.”

Member Kim Tsuchida:

  • “I love our members and having the opportunities to reach out and get to know them.   It’s energizing to find a group of women who have a deep love of UCLA and desire to help the UCLA community.   I love all of our die hard UCLA sports fans too!”

Member Tami Brothers:

  •  “I was very involved on campus at UCLA as an undergraduate and was looking for a way to reconnect with the university.  After the UCLA Alumni Academy I joined UCLA Prytanean as it had a great blend of service and scholarship.  Service is very important to me.”

Member Roz Holt Swartz:

  • “I do what I do on the Board because I feel that I have an obligation to give back to UCLA for providing me a superior education.”

Member Penny Menton:

  • “My three reasons for being a Prytanean board member and advocate: Service – Continue to connect and make a difference with other women who are passionate about our UCLA community through helping others; Philanthropy- Support educational opportunities through fundraising resulting in scholarships for high- achievers in need; Fulfillment-Paying it forward, being a part of the bigger picture and giving back to something so great (UCLA) that has given so much to me.”