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Prytanean Scholarships

Each year, through both our Annual Benefit & Silent Auction as well as direct donations, UCLA Prytanean raises funds to support both merit and need based scholarships for freshman and transfer students. Our scholars come from diverse backgrounds and are amazingly talented and accomplished. We are proud of our scholars, many of who have overcome great personal challenges to be here at UCLA.  Prytanean supports our scholars not only through the awarding of scholarships, but also by including them as part of our membership events, and providing mentoring and guidance through their time at UCLA and beyond. 

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Here’s this year’s scholars have to say:

     As a transfer student it is easy to feel unwanted by universities, but UCLA has always been warm and welcoming to me. The Alumni Transfer Scholarship helped me in achieving my dreams by providing me the financial cushion to cut back on work hours to focus the majority of my time on interning and succeeding in my classes. Because of the scholarship I was able to spend time getting used the rigorous workload the first two quarters before diving into the world of interning to better expand my skill set.
Tesia :
     After visiting for Bruin Day, I realized that UCLA was where I wanted to be, where I could find my passion and hone it into a career and make lifelong friends. The diversity of people and experiences are astounding and I love the breadth of studies at UCLA, which give me the option to explore multiple disciplines with professors at the top of their fields. The alumni scholarship has been instrumental in my time at UCLA: helping me to afford UCLA as an out-of-state student, a way to connect with other Prytanean scholars and form my own campus communities as well as the flexibility to pursue internships and other extracurricular activities, including serving as President of the Undergraduate Communications Association.
     I came to UCLA because it’s been my dream school since the 8th grade and because of how amazing their academics are. I was looking for an education that would help me expand my knowledge and guide me to reach my goal. I knew from the very beginning that this was the school I had to go to in order to succeed at what I wanted the most, and that’s to be able to get a higher education as a young Latina woman and go to medical school. I fall in love with it every day on my way to class!
     Being the son of two Bruins, stories of UCLA had always excited me and receiving an alumni scholarship has been a gift that keeps on giving. On the surface it relieves the financial burden of college tuition, but at the same time it continues to motivate me to strive higher and work harder. My dream as a chemical engineering major is to help fix the problems we see today in the environment and advance the way we use our resources. As a student at such a great university, I feel that I am equipped with the tools and knowledge to do so – as creatively and efficiently as possible. My alumni scholarship has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with a diverse group of scholars and join an amazing Bruin family. It definitely helps to know that there is an amazing group of individuals that believe in me and recognize my efforts. With the help of my alumni scholarship, I am well on my way to an engineering degree and that much closer to making a difference.


Your Gift Make a Huge Impact!

Please join us in supporting the Prytanean Alumnae Scholarship Campaign so that we can help UCLA students like Hannah, Tesia, Paola and Roland. Your contribution, in any amount, goes directly to our Scholarship Fund and helps our mission to support students and UCLA. To make a fully tax deductible donation, please CLICK HERE.