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Serving the San Francisco Bay Area
Founded in 1969, the San Francisco Bay Area Network is comprised of Alumni and Friends of UCLA who are dedicated to promoting and rewarding scholastic excellence while providing a community of personal involvement and service with others having similar interests as ambassadors of the University. Our Network is open to all current Bruins, Alumni, and friends of Bruins in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1969, the “San Francisco Bay Area Bruin Club” began with four local chapters: San Francisco (led by Alan Rothstein), Mid-Peninsula (led by Ed Flynn), South Peninsula (led by George & Nancy Schoenherr), and East Bay (led by Rick & Melanie Norris). A new regional format was implemented in 1977, combining the chapters and forming what is known today as the Bay Area Bruins (BAB). In 1978, a fifth local chapter covering Marin/Sonoma/Napa was added.

Below is a list of BAB Presidents and their terms.

1977-1978 – Gordon Cudney
1979-1980 – Eric Juline
1981-1982 – Alan Rothstein
1983- Craig Brown
1984-1986 – Alan Rothstein
1987-1988 – Steve Gregory
1989-1990 – Marijane Viat
1991-1992 – Peter Loranger
1993-1994 – Michelle Saevke (Leopold)
1995 – Steve Lesser
1996-1997 – Ken Givich
1998-1999 – Loretta Chopey
2000-2001 – Jennifer Bell
2002-2003 – Stephanie Brown
2004-2005 – David Krimsley
2006-2007 – Csilla Csaplar
2008-2010 – Henry Lam
2011-2012 – Tanya Stevenson
2013 – Loretta Chopey
2014-2015 – Sarah Phelps
2016-2017 – Stephanie Brown & Jennifer (Bell) Olson

Click here to view a video (2:07) about Bay Area Bruins.