Bay Area Alumni Scholars

Shriya Jain

“I am sincerely honored to be the recipient of the Bay Area Bruins/Marijane Viat Memorial Endowment Fund. Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. There are hardly enough words to express how much this scholarship means to me. This scholarship has significantly lightened my financial burden and will allow me to focus my full efforts on learning and doing well in my classes.” – Shriya, exp. ‘24

"This scholarship serves as a reminder that my determination, strong work ethic, and resilience are truly some of the best 'super powers' and granted me the opportunity to earn the UCLA Alumni Scholarship and continue my studies at UCLA. I am honored to be joining a group of distinguished alumni who are passionate and motivated to be the best versions of themselves in their career and enjoy connecting with them to learn how I too can be successful in my career". - Alexandra, exp. ‘25

"Both of my parents work in the biotechnology industry, and I owe my own interest in the field to their passion and guidance. To me, this scholarship is a way to make the next four years a bit easier for them—a way of saying thanks for the sacrifices they have made as immigrants to the United States." – Eliott exp. ‘25

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