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The UCLA Alumnae Sip & Share Series aims to build an empowered network of women that choose to uplift alumnae. This year’s series focuses on the optimistic, creative and innovative spirit of our Bruin women. The creation of this online series is a response to the regularly programmed UCLA Alumnae conference being postponed due to the pandemic.


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Speaker Reunion Panel

June 30, 2021 - 6 p.m.

Join us for the final installment of the 2021 UCLA Alumnae Sip and Share Series via Zoom or Facebook Live! Business owners Roselma Samala ’96, Christine Sumiller ’98, Patricia Perez ’98, Sahra Nguyen '09, and Corissa Hernandez M.Ed. '06 will take part in a candid conversation in regard to each other's professional and personal journeys. These extraordinary Bruins will also be joined by Yasmeen Muqtasid ’98, to discuss strategies that led to their success while being part of the beverage and other industries, including the challenges they faced during the peak of the pandemic this past year.

We aim to create a space for both our speakers and viewers to connect as part of a community of supportive, energetic and powerful women in order to collaborate and empower one another to greater heights and achievements. During the session, our guests will answer questions submitted by the audience. Submit your questions in advance here.

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Alumnae Featured in This Series

Roselma Samala ’96, Christine Sumiller ’98, & Patricia Perez ’98 of Genever

Feb. 26 – 7 p.m.

Join us as we showcase Genever, The “Red Capiz Partners” welcome you to join them as they take you on a special tour of Genever itself! In addition to a live drink demo, they’ll also tell us about what it takes to be so successfully influential in their work, and help us understand the way they were able to so effectively support & empower their community using the space they created.

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Sahra Nguyen '09 of Nguyen Coffee Supply

April 10, 2021 - 10 a.m.

Join us as we home brew our morning coffees with Sahra Nguyen '09. Along with the live coffee brewing demo everyone at home can follow along to, Sahra will be discussing the story behind her success and sharing her expertise on how she effectively made a difference in a world she knew no one paid enough attention to. Before logging off, everyone will also be welcome to ask Sahra to shed some light on any questions they have during a live Q&A.

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Corissa Hernandez M.Ed. '06 of Xelas, Nativo HLP and Legacy Full Circle Financial

May 17, 2021 - 6 p.m.

Join us as we learn more about multifaceted alumna, Corissa Hernandez ’06. Corissa will take us on a virtual tour of her bar “Xelas”, she will then speak about the history behind what she’s built, the missions that drive her work & the stories behind the craft beer culture and beers themselves.

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Yasmeen Muqtasid ’98

June 30, 2021 - 6 p.m.

Yasmeen Muqtasid has a rich background in Business Development, Sales and Marketing. She has brought solutions to global companies such as Nestlé, Kaiser Permanente, American Heart Association, Omnific Studios and more. Additionally, she is the creator of Rich Black Woman™ – a lifestyle destination for Black women entrepreneurs and professionals to build wealth for themselves, their families and their communities. Rich Black Woman features experts that provide resources and invaluable information for women to advance personally and professionally and to build wealth through career, education, financial knowledge and entrepreneurship. She hosts the Rich Black Woman Podcast found on all major podcasting platforms.

A valedictorian of UCLA’s Communications Studies program and a keynote speaker, Yasmeen Muqtasid is also a distinguished J. Paul Getty Fellow, UCLA Andersen School of Business Riordan Fellow and Award- Winning sales and public relations professional. She has a passion for creating inclusive cultures. If she could have a super power, it would be to instantly teleport anyone to walk in the shoes of another so we could put an end to our world’s most pressing social problems

Yasmeen will help close out our series as takes the moderator role for our UCLA Alumnae Sip & Share Series: Speaker Reunion Panel.

Did you miss one? Re-watch any of the past Sip & Share Speakers featured in this series, below:
Roselma Samala ’96, Christine Sumiller ’98, and Patricia Perez ’98 of Genever
Sahra Nguyen of Nguyen Coffee Supply

Corissa Hernandez of Xelas, Nativo, The Empire Tavern and Legacy Full Circle Financial

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