Gen Z in the Workforce Part III

Part III: Shaping the Future

Generation Z has emerged as a formidable force for positive change across various facets of society. They are having a transformative impact on the economy, artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability and social justice. As this generation enters the professional sphere, they bring with them a unique set of values, skills and perspectives that have the potential to reshape industries and society for the better.

Gen Z is making their presence felt in the economy, steering consumer behavior, workforce dynamics and entrepreneurial landscapes. As digital natives, they are transforming e-commerce with their preferences and choices, and businesses are taking notice. Kevin Roose of The New York Times notes, "Gen Z is driving the growth of digital-first businesses. Their online spending habits and reliance on digital platforms have reshaped the retail industry, favoring companies that prioritize online presence and seamless digital experiences." These consumer experiences by younger employees in turn become influential guides for company leadership formulating market strategy and operations. The Gen Z workforce helps to inform businesses what the trends are and where to invest resources and future development.

Previous generations, for example, may approach artificial intelligence advances with caution, but Gen Z is already experiencing AI integration into daily life from an early age. From virtual assistants to AI-driven applications, they’ve becoming accustomed to the presence and functionalities of AI, shaping their expectations and understanding of its capabilities.

Gen Z's tech-savvy nature for integrating AI in the workplace is exciting. According to a report by PwC, 69% of Gen Z employees believe that AI can improve their work efficiency. Their positive outlook towards technology drives innovation and collaboration between human workers and AI systems. Gen Z is not afraid of AI; they see it as a tool to enhance their abilities, not replace them. Characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit, many members of this generation are actively exploring and developing AI technologies, driving advancements in areas like automation, machine learning and natural language processing. Their innovative mindset positions them as custodians of AI-driven progress.

Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their consumer choices, as well, with many actively seeking eco-friendly products and supporting companies with environmentally responsible practices. Greta Thunberg, a prominent Gen Z environmental activist, encapsulates this commitment. They are driven by the hope of a sustainable future and will not rest until they see real change. In the workplace, this might translate into the adoption of policies that minimize the company’s ecological footprint, such as eliminating single-use plastics for events. This determination has propelled Gen Z to advocate for sustainable practices, influencing corporate policies and fostering a global shift towards environmental responsibility. 

One of the defining characteristics of Gen Z is their strong commitment to social justice causes. This generation has been actively involved in advocating for equality, justice and protecting the environment. Among the issues that resonate deeply with them are The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, climate activism and LGBTQ+ rights.

In the wake of the BLM protests, Gen Z has been at the forefront, using social media platforms to amplify voices, raise awareness and mobilize support for racial justice. Tiana Lowe, a columnist for The Washington Examiner, writes, "Gen Z is a generation that refuses to accept the status quo, and they are leveraging their digital tools to demand change and accountability."

Their commitment to social justice is not limited to online activism. Many still actively participate in protests, engage in volunteer work and support organizations that align with their values. Their determination to stand up for what’s right has been influential in companies reevaluating workplace policies surrounding discrimination, sexual harassment and issues pertaining to diversity, equity and inclusion.

As Gen Z continues to enter the professional arena, their tech-savvy nature, commitment to environmental responsibility and push for social justice are driving positive changes in workplaces and industries around the world. As employers, managers and colleagues, it’s important to listen to what they have to say, learn from their lived experiences and help mentor them towards the most effective way to achieve their goals within the company, because their collective impact will likely shape the future of business and society.     

The Career Engineering series features the expert advice of Amy Rueda, a 25-year veteran of executive search, who has placed CEOs and C-suite executives across multiple industries and functional areas. Her passion for leading diversity initiatives that focus on change management and employee engagement is reflected in her portfolio of accomplishments. Amy studied political science and was born and raised in Los Angeles.

Email your career questions to and Amy will try and answer them in next month’s issue of Career Engineering.

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