Join Gold Shield

Gold Shield membership is by invitation only. Members are selected for their loyal service to UCLA as well as outstanding achievements both professionally and in their communities. Gold Shield has no paid staff, so all activities and projects are created and accomplished through the efforts of the esprit de corps of Gold Shield members that was instilled at its founding, grows with each challenge and continues to this day. The organization’s roots are firmly embedded in a tradition of service to UCLA, so it is no surprise that most Gold Shield members are actively involved in other UCLA support organizations. In addition, they consistently serve as officers and members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, the UCLA Foundation Board of Governors as well as other advisory boards across the campus. Three Gold Shield members have sat on the Board of Regents of the University of California.

The nearly 150 members fall into five categories:


o   Attended UCLA for at least 2 years

o   Member of the Alumni Association

o   Distinguished in professional, community or cultural endeavors

o   Loyal to UCLA, as evidenced by enthusiastic, dependable service as a student and alumna


o   Not a UCLA alumna, but otherwise meets the same requirements of an Active member and has attended a college or university for two years


o   Not a UCLA alumna, but otherwise meets the same requirements of an Active member; “honorary” by virtue of her own or her husband’s renown.


o   A member who has been active in Gold Shield for at least 10 years may opt to become Sustaining.


o   Members live more than 50 miles from UCLA.

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