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Alumni Scholarships Volunteers

Since 1936, volunteers have played a vital role in the UCLA Alumni Scholarships Program. Volunteers are able to interact with like-minded Bruins and exceptional scholarship applicants while giving back to the university in a tangible way.

We invite UCLA Alumni and friends to help in the selection process of our exceptional candidates by reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and outreach. Our volunteers are absolutely crucial to the Alumni Scholarships Program.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Freshman Alumni Scholarships 

Freshman Alumni Scholarships are awarded to incoming freshman based on merit.

Alumni Scholarships Volunteer Information Sessions:

Southern California
UCLA – James West Alumni Center – 10 a.m.
Jan. 29, 2017

Please contact to receive a copy of the presentation.

  • Alumni Scholarships Volunteer Application Reading Sessions:
    • Southern California
      Saturday, March 18, 2017
    • Northern California
      Sunday, March 19, 2017

 Alumni Scholarships Virtual Application Reading Session:
*The system will be open from 5pm on Friday, March 17 until Sunday, March 19 for you to review applications from the comfort of your own space.

From anywhere, you will be able to help select the next cohort of Alumni Scholars.

Regional Candidate Interviews

  • Saturday, April 1, 2017
  • Sunday, April 2, 2017

National Finals Competition 

Every April, top-scoring scholarship applicants participate in a competition at UCLA to potentially increase their base scholarship award up to $20,000 paid over four years. This competition is a 31-year tradition of the Alumni Scholarships Program and was formerly known as State Finals.

  • 2017 Competition: April 22 & 23, 2017 – James West Alumni Center
  • Volunteering Position(s): Judge – Must participate as a Freshman Application Reader and/or Interviewer within the same selection cycle.

Community College Transfer Alumni Scholarships 

Community College Transfer Alumni Scholarships (CCTS) are awarded to incoming transfer students based on merit.

  • Virtual Application Reading: April 4-11, 2017
  • Volunteering Position(s): Application Reader

Lew and Edie Wasserman Grant 

The Lew and Edie Wasserman Scholars Endowment was established in 1994 to recognize UCLA undergraduates with extraordinary academic merit, superior personal qualities and demonstrated financial need. This grant provides additional funding, up to $5,000, to current Alumni Scholars, helping them reduce their Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans and Work Study.

  • Virtual Application Reading: May 30  – June 9, 2017
  • Volunteering Position(s): Application Reader

True Bruin Distinguished Senior Award 

The True Bruin Distinguished Senior Award is a $5,000 scholarship awarded to highly meritorious students who exemplify the True Bruin values of Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, and Service. This scholarship was formerly known Distinguished Senior/Bruin Award.

  • Volunteering Position(s): Application Reader and/or Interviewer
  • Virtual Application Reading: TBD
  • Interviews: TBD – James West Alumni Center

Alumni Scholarships Steering Committee 

This committee assists the UCLA Alumni Scholarships Program staff in the administration and advancement of the program. The 21 committee positions provide an opportunity to utilize volunteers in achieving program goals and expanding the impact of scholarships.

Committee activities include: the review of award requirements, determine the number of scholarship awards each year, volunteer engagement, handling of award exceptions and input of fundraising efforts.


Volunteers should have access to the internet to receive communication and electronic applications.

Some selection programs may require attendance on UCLA’s campus. Specific events indicated on Volunteer Registration form.

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