Officially recognized networks need to request an insurance certificate for all events hosted by the network. Examples of events include general meetings, board meetings, game watches, charity events, etc.

Request an Insurance Certificate Online


Insurance Application Guide


Complete a Paper Application


Emerging networks will not be listed as a network on the Marsh drop down menu prior to completing the compliance application for the first time. Emerging networks can request their insurance certificates by emailing

Annual Compliance Report

Annual completion of the compliance application is required to be officially recognized by UCLA as a support group. This process usually occurs in the fall and should take one to three hours to complete. Completion of the compliance application will allow a network to utilize university resources such as EAMailer, online giving sites, tablets, the university logo, etc.

Please note the completion of this application will require 1-2 hours. Before you begin this application, please make sure to have copies of the monthly bank statements for the prior fiscal year (July 2018 to June 2019), current officer information (name, complete address, email and phone number), and a copy of your network's updated bylaws.

The purpose of completing this application is to ensure that your network is in compliance with University Policy 5203 for the current fiscal year. As a public trust and as the beneficiary of these fundraising and outreach activities, the University is obligated to assure that the funds raised and the activities conducted on its behalf meet the required legal and fiduciary standards, and exemplify prudent business practices.

Support Group Sections

Organization Information
General Information
Risk Management
Accounts with Financial Institutions
Revenue and Expenses Statement
Officers and Members

*UCLA Alumni Association does not recognize associations based solely on political affiliation.  If an organization is a non-affiliated organization, we cannot accommodate the request.

**UCLA Policy 110 prohibits the use of “UCLA” by associations that are not recognized.  See

Expense Reimbursement Procedures 

Certain expenses may be reimbursable by Alumni Affairs. Please discuss reimbursable activities with your network’s staff liaison prior to expenses being incurred. Reimbursements will require original, itemized receipts (including proof of payment), an attendee list and a business justification. Reimbursements can take 30-45 business days to process. An example of a reimbursement is when a volunteer pays out-of-pocket for event supplies.

Revenue Disbursement Procedures (also known as ACH) 

Best practices for a network includes having a signed, updated W-9 and Automated Clearing House (ACH) form on file with Alumni Affairs. It is suggested that both of these forms be submitted before an event takes place. Forms should be updated on a yearly basis, if there is a change to the authorized signers on the account or if the external bank account information changes.



ACH Form


Online giving sites and events sites may be set up by the network’s staff liaison to assist in the collection of event registration fees and associated donations. Funds collected for events that strictly have a registration component can later be disbursed back to the network’s external bank account through an ACH. In order for this to occur, the network should have a signed, updated W-9 and ACH form on file with Alumni Affairs. Please work with your network’s staff liaison to set up an online giving site that will be used collect registration funds for the network’s event. Once the site is closed down, the funds will be electronically transferred to the network’s external bank account through an ACH. The standard terms are 30 business days but may be shorter if all necessary forms are updated and accurate.

External Bank Accounts 

External bank accounts may be used by networks for programmatic activities. Please make sure to get approval from the network’s assigned staff liaison before opening an external bank account. Upon approval by your staff liaison, the network will need to work with the Alumni Affairs finance team to obtain a Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN). The network should first complete a Support Group Request for TIN form.

Support Group Request for TIN Form



All solicitations for gifts or scholarship funds should be approved by the External Affairs Solicitations department. To gain approval, please email a copy of the solicitation to Networks that are their own separate 501(c)(3) are exempt from this requirement.
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