Leaders 2 Leaders

Leaders 2 Leaders is an on-going leadership development series that aims to educate and empower volunteer leaders of UCLA Alumni. This community of volunteer leaders is one of our strongest assets for alumni engagement and ensuring quality programming across the globe. Leaders 2 Leaders is an opportunity to not only highlight but also appreciate those who have done this impactful work. Best practices from multiple networks will be featured in order to offer information from a diverse pool of perspectives and past experiences.

The formation of this program is an extension of our annual Leadership Conference and stems from the qualitative and quantitative data in our August 2020 Network Leaders Survey. Through your participation in this series, we hope you develop deeper connections with other network leaders, reflect on your volunteer experience, build confidence in your leadership, and foster an inclusive community in your respective networks.

If you would like to present on a topic, please contact us events@alumni.ucla.edu.

Upcoming sessions in this series

We’ve made signing up for a session easier by having a singular site for all sessions. You can sign up for all upcoming sessions at our Leaders 2 Leaders registration page. The Zoom link to join each session will be sent one week prior to all registrants.


Strategic Planning for Network Success




Board Recruitment


Send-offs Info Session

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Past sessions

Network Leaders Conference: Launch

This was our first event in the Network Leaders Series. This session was our launch where we shared how the series as a whole developed from our Network Leaders Survey. This first event featured an update from UCLA Alumni Association Board president, D’Artagnan Scorza ’07, Ph.D. ’13, who shared his vision for the year and Jaime Nack ’98, M.P.P. ’02, who chairs the Board Scholarship Task Force. We also shared the actual results from the Network Leaders Survey because we not only see the incredible value for transparency in our space but also the need for it.

Leaders 2 Leaders: Innovative Virtual Event Planning

Operating in an online environment and bringing Bruins together is still our mission. Michelle Johnson ’14 (UCLA Black Alumni Association) and Alon Nachson ’11 (Chicago Alumni Network) shared how they pivoted their network events to keep their communities engaged. From online board games to a virtual homecoming, we all came together to share ideas for digital alumni engagement.

Leaders 2 Leaders: Network Finance Training

We see the value in a network’s healthy finances and how they can have a major impact on its goals and operations. From balancing your network’s funds to understanding how to handle donations, Nancy Mendez and David Flores of UCLA Business Services team were ready with answers. This training is highly recommended for treasurers, presidents/chairs and any volunteer leaders working on fundraising.

Leaders 2 Leaders: Recruiting & Sustaining A Board

Sustaining a board membership requires a delicate balance between laying down expectations and leaving room for experimentation. Meanwhile, having a strong recruitment plan allows a network board to have continuous leadership and guidance from experienced members. This session featured Candice Yokomizo ’82, J.D. ’96, Parent ’20 & ’21 and Cheryl Davies ’78, Parent ’22 from the UCLA Parents’ Council and Diana Chow ’01, from the UCLA Hong Kong Alumni Network. They all shared their best practices on recruiting new board members and how to build a positive experience for your leaders.

Leaders 2 Leaders: Social Media Tips

Social media can amplify the marketing of your network’s events and distribute messaging to a wide audience, outside of traditional email campaigns. Building a following and keeping them engaged with targeted content are key to enhancing the reach of your programs. This session featured Nicki Beltranena ’02 from UCLA Latino Alumni Association and Anissa Di Vincente ’94 from UCLA Alumni Silicon Beach Network as they discuss social media best practices and show you tools that will help you uplift your network’s social media.

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